Phoenix Recovery Programs (PRP) is broken into three parts: Residential Services, Treatment Services and Family Programming. All three of these components are explained in the Services tab on the home screen. This section is an introduction to Phoenix Recovery Programs.

When a client is admitted to PRP they will live in a Residential Facility supervised and maintained by PRP.  In the Residential Facilities clients work to improve life skills and attend 12 step meetings.  The clients will attend Phoenix Recovery Programs Outpatient Treatment Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM.  Clients will be transported safely by PRP staff at all times during this process. During Outpatient Treatment the clients will attend school in the morning. The school is provided and staffed through the school district of the location which the Outpatient office is located. Phoenix Recovery Programs family program is comprised of individual and group family therapy and Education.

Please view the Services section to read more details about the different areas PRP offers for clients and their families. Phoenix Recovery Programs understands you may have questions regarding our process. If you have any questions about the different services please do not hesitate to contact Phoenix Recovery Programs.