Addiction Treatment

As most treatment programs do an excellent job of treating adolescent and young adult men for alcohol and chemical dependency, we see our task as teaching our residents and outpatient clients to apply the skills  learned in treatment in their daily lives (“practice these principles in all our affairs”).   While recovery can begin with treatment, it is continued in the community when the client returns.   We also know that some may need a transition between treatment and going home or emancipating into the community.

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As many abstinence based 12 step programs do, we believe addiction is a disease that is treatable but also chronic, and that relapse is sometimes part of the recovery process, and some may relapse several times before achieving long-term recovery.  To that end, our doors are always open to our clients whether they need a period of residential care, additional outpatient treatment, or one or two additional individual sessions, to get back on track.

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