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Residential Services

Phoenix Recovery Programs provides a 90 day program for all of our clients who receive board and lodging. The residential component to our programs include the following:

  • Small groups (6-8 clients max.)
  • Ages 14 – 18 (possibly up to 19 depending upon legal and school status)
  • 3 community-based 12 Step support groups weekly
  • Sponsors required within 14 days
  • Attendance at a community-based public school for adolescents in recovery
  • Independent living skills training
  • Nurturing home-like environment
  • All clients participate in community service activities
  • Year-round participation in AA/NA gatherings and activities outside of weekly meetings.

Phoenix Recovery Programs properties are 100% tobacco and vape free for all clients, staff and visitors.

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What are Past Patients Saying?

Best Treatment

“Good especially summer its good at keeping us busy. This is the best out of all my treatments”

2016 Phoenix Graduate

Gratitude & Appreciation

“The amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for Phoenix stems from the life that they gave back to me. The truth is most of us can’t do it on our own and our loved ones run out of time, patience and resources to help us. That’s when my family and I turned to Phoenix Recovery Programs. This program guided me to a better life by giving me the tools I needed to stay clean and sober. I have tried other programs but none have given me the success that I have now after graduation from Phoenix. They also gave my loved ones the support and understanding they needed to help me continue to be the best I can be. Thank you so much to the staff at Phoenix for giving my loved ones and I a greater opportunity to life to the fullest.”

2017 Waseca Facility Graduate


“Couldn’t be more impressed with Phoenix. Thank you for everything you’ve done & continue to do.”

Parent of 2015 Graduate

Things Are Good!

“I just wanted to say how happy I am with everything at Phoenix and all the staff.  This is the most positive I have seen [my son] in a very long time.  When he calls me he is very positive and very motivated and says things are good!  So I just wanted to let you know.  I’m so happy that we found you guys.”

Client’s Parent
Maplewood, MN

Thank You!

“I was using for 5 years when my friend passed away so I wanted to get clean. I was looking on the computer to find the best place and I felt Phoenix Recovery was my choice. The people that work here are very nice and they will do everything they can to help you get clean. I really like the program, it helps with everything. Makes you feel good and helps rebuild everything that was destroyed.”

Mankato, MN

Thank You

“thank you to all the that have helped me get sober and find my path in life when I first came in those doors I didn’t care about anything you had to say but after i spent almost 7 months in both programs i found where i needed to be thank you again phoenix”

Past PRP Client

The Services Are Great

“I really like that they have school, psychological therapy and family group here as well as the fact that the program is so long. I really like that the kids get passes to come home.”

Graduate's Mother

In The Long Run

“Its a good Program. I think it’s the best one for clients to stay sober in the long run.”

Phoenix Graduate
Maplewood, MN

Moving Forward

“Your Program is the best program I have ever experienced. I am amazed on all the aspects your program covers for the client. I would definitely refer families to this program because I feel strong they would receive excellent treatment and the best chance to allow the client a future for going forward in life.”

Graduate's Mother
Maplewood, MN

This Program

“I’ve gotten a lot out of this program more than I have out of all the other placements I have been in put together.”

2015 Phoenix Graduate

This is a very good Program

“This is a very good program and it helps. If you are willing to try this program it will change your life for the better but you gotta be willing. i got what i needed from their and not just how to stay sober but how to be happy and have fun while in the real world. Im greatfull and the more open-minded the better but great program. Thank you for showing me what i thought could never happen and that is making in life happy.”

Former Client

“Judging by your progress reports, I’m very impressed with your work with him and/or his work with you.”


DOC Probation Officer

“I’m Out!!!”

“Thank you so much for your help. You guys took me in an extremely low point in life and built me up to be someone that I respect. I like myself for the first time in forever, im happy to be alive. words cannot express how much I appreciate you guys have helped me. All staff have helped me beyond words. I love life now. I am excited and optimistic. I am so excited to live. With that ill pass. Peace and Love.”

2016 Maplewood Graduate

It really works

I was in the Phoenix group home back in 1999. When I first got there I just trapped inside myself. Not caring about me or anyone. This place gave me the tools to make a better life I started to understand my life better. These are tools I still use almost 20 years later. Hope to anyone that reads this you can have better life it is out there.

John Neubarth
Maplewood MN

My Son’s Back

“My son is a 2015 graduate of Phoenix Recovery Program in Mankato. This program really dug into the issues and not just treated his addiction. They found out why he is an addict and worked with him on the issues to deal with the problem not just the addiction. They gave him the tools to deal with life after treatment, and the resources he needs to succeed. The staff is great to work with, always greeted me with a smile, and really became an important part of our lives. I know they will be there for him whenever he needs them. My son would have graduated high school this year and the program helped my son obtain his GED, so he is right on track and can start college in the fall. I will recommend this program to any kid with a drug or alcohol addiction. With this program and the support from your family you will succeed. I just want to say to the staff at Phoenix – Thank you for giving me my son back!”

Mother of 2015 Graduate
Mankato, MN

This program is different, in a great way.

“This program saved my life. This program isn’t about only getting sober, this program taught me the skills I need to be a success in my every day life. This is unlike any other program I’ve ever been to because of how much the staff really invests in the clients lives. This was the turning point in my life story, and I can’t thank the staff and clients who helped me out enough”

Phoenix Graduate
Maplewood Program

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