All staff are academically, vocationally, and/or personally experienced with recovery from addiction.  Our licensed counselors provide group and individual counseling to address issues such as continued recovery, relapse prevention, family, and living issues (anger, sexuality, feelings, etc.).   We recognize that many of our clients may also be dealing with a co-occurring mental disorder.   To address this possibility, we refer to an on-site licensed psychologist, knowledgeable with addiction for assessment and treatment of mental health issues, as well as employing a psychiatrist (specializing in adolescent issues) for medication, if needed.

Our counselors also work closely with these mental health professionals, referents and concerned professionals to provide the best possible care and aftercare for our residents.   All of our residents and many of our outpatient clients still in school attend an on-site public recovery high school specifically for students in recovery from addiction, providing a safe, drug-free environment in which to continue their education.  The school also provides continued support for ongoing recovery and connection to a peer group of other adolescent and young adult men in recovery from addiction.

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