Bed Availability:

Bed availability updates are recorded on Fast-Tracker.

If Fast-Tracker does not indicate openings, please contact us as we can add your referral to our waiting list. Openings can happen very quickly so if you are referring a client we strongly encourage you to contact our Admissions team right away by phone at 651-403-6409 or 1-877-901-0532. You can also complete a referral by email via and by faxing information to 651-282-0579.

The first step in the admissions process is for the referring agency/guardian to either fax or email the required collateral information, including the Admission Request Form found below. Collateral information needed is a recent substance use assessment or Rule 25 assessment and the most recent diagnostic assessment. Please also include any other assessments or information that will help the Admissions team determine if the client is appropriate for Phoenix Recovery Programs and if so, what level of services.

Intakes are scheduled Monday-Thursday with the exception of holidays.  Due to the amount of important information that is communicated during the intake process, and the required signatures, it is very beneficial to have a guardian present during the intake.  In the event that a guardian cannot be present, arrangements need to be made for the intake paperwork to be sent to the guardian ahead of time for reviewing and signing, prior to the client’s admission.

It is also very important that it be communicated to the new client that they are being admitted to residential treatment prior to admission. This is so they have time to process the information.

Please contact Dave Gjerde, Program Development Director at (651) 289-1210 or with any further questions regarding our referral process.

Phoenix Recovery Programs properties are 100% tobacco and vape free for all clients, staff and visitors.